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Natural Ingredients With Real Results

We developed an affordable and luscious time-proven skincare line that emerged from our patience and years of science-backed research and married clean ingredients with our innovative technology to harness the gentle touch of mother nature we now want to share with you.

We wanted to deliver rejuvenating benefits with ingredients our body recognizes, focusing on nature and how science can enhance it. By having our products be free from parabens, harsh preservatives, and other potentially harmful ingredients, we are fulfilling one of our many priorities: keeping you safe.

With that, we went straight to the root of familiarity, leading us to a botanical-centric path. We gathered every botanical extract the Earth had to offer, going directly to perfecting a formula that quickly absorbs bioactive compounds into the skin, renewing and bringing out your natural glow.


Eco friendly

At Tevenere, we believe that when we nurture our planet, it will nurture us back. So being environmentally conscious was an easy decision to make and something we strive hard to maintain. We are cruelty-free, and our extracts and essential oils are ethically-sourced and packaged with eco-friendly material minimizing our carbon footprint.


Giving Back

This belief began with the goal of nurturing others because bettering yourself doesn’t end with skin care. That is why 3% of every purchase you make directly goes to STOD Foundation, a charity near and dear to our hearts, to give underprivileged children a chance at a better and easier life where they have room to grow and opportunities to take.


Tevenere nurtures with the hand of mother nature. We want to give everyone access to products that will take care of them with honest ingredients at a cost anyone can handle. Everyone has the bright to feel good without worrying about harsh components and a harsh financial situation.


Tevenere strives for a better way for us to take care of ourselves, our planet, and others. We encourage taking steps toward change, ensuring a more sustainable future where it is easier to experience the good in life.

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