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Outdoor Enthusiast

I’m an outdoor girl. A hiking and rock climbing enthusiast with a bohemian artist soul. I love being out in nature as much as I can. So I find myself constantly battling to heal my dry, flaky skin which is the result of spending so much time outside in the arid southwest climate.

The thing is, trying to keep your skin moisturized and protected while you’re climbing red Rock Canyon or camping in backcountry Utah is not so easy.  There’s not really space allocated in backpacks to carry a bevy of skincare products. And heavy, greasy products like Bag Balm and Aquifer while good for protection, are magnets for dust and sand and that just ends up feeling worse.

The big problem was that my hands were so chapped it hurts to touch things. That meant it was hard to do my work which, as an artist,  is very hands-on. Also, my face had red, dry patches and my lips were cracked which made me feel embarrassed to go to work and face my co-workers and customers, I felt I didn’t look professional and that made it difficult to feel confident.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened.

I ran into a friend at the climbing gym and she told me about this new cream she’s been using called Tevenere. It’s made with hemp seed oil, shea butter, and aloe.  She said it didn’t feel greasy at all and that it helped her flaky, dry skin. The best part was that it came in a mini size that easily fit in a backpack pocket so you can always have it with you.

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how I might be able to heal my skin, keep it moisturized and solve my dry skin problems because there was a product that would allow me to enjoy all my outdoor activities and keep my skin healthy and moisturized while doing it.

My plan was to order the free trial of the Tevenere mini moisturizer and guess what? They threw in the body cream for free!

I started carrying the mini moisturizer with me all the time and applying it whenever I felt I needed it. It smells wonderful and feels light and smooth going onto your skin. It absorbed quickly leaving my skin feeling hydrated but not greasy and sticky.   I then made a habit of applying the moisturizer every time I took a break on my hikes and climbing outings. I saw and felt a difference right away. My skin felt soothed and the red patches were going away.

 But I didn’t stop there, I started carrying the body cream with me all the time too and using that on my exposed arms and legs.  It felt really good slathering the lotion into legs. Immediately the ashy dry look went away and my legs felt soft and touchable again.

Building on that success, I decided to carry Tevenere with me in my climbing pack and using it on my hands between climbs because it soaked in right away and didn’t leave a greasy film. 

I call Tevenere my “Trailblazing skin saver”.

With Tevenere in my backpack, I  don’t have to worry anymore about my skin getting parched from the elements, the handy min-moisturizer is always with me and it keeps my skin hydrated and happy! 

The best part of all this is that now I don’t feel embarrassed about my skin at work anymore. I can talk about my outdoor adventures and not feel like I look like a weathered mountain guide.  Even more importantly, my hands are healed. I can work without the pain from dry, cracked skin.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share this with you so you can feel the same way about and in your skin!

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