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How to Cope with Stress

We’ve compiled some Very Practical Tips For Coping With Stress

More and more of us are experiencing high levels of stress in our lives and are suffering the resulting mental and physical effects. While it isn’t always possible to eliminate every cause of stress there are helpful ways of dealing with it. Here are some practical tips you can easily utilize to help you when you are under pressure.


Exercises like Yoga and Pilates are a great, natural and effective way to relax and push your worries out of your mind.  Gentle exercise modalities like these involve stretching the body and taking deep, slow breaths which in turn can help relieve tension in the back and shoulders and calm the mind


  1. Take a lunch break. It’s an easy thing to skip if you’re slammed with things to do but making the time for a short break to nourish your body, step away from your desk and break up the day can help you to reset and go back with renewed energy.
  2. Get out of the office. Breathing in a good supply of oxygen-rich air can help combat feelings of tiredness and give lackluster skin a boost so try to take a few minutes to get away from your workspace to breathe in some fresh air.
  3. Head to a park. If there is no park nearby, go for a walk outside. A walk can be particularly beneficial in reducing stress levels and refocussing your mind.
  4. Take a minute to breathe. If you’re having trouble remembering to breath deeply there are apps you can download on your computer or phone that will remind you to stop and breath every 20-30 minutes or so.


Is stress stopping you from sleeping?  Most adults need 6-8 hours. Try unplugging from your electronic devices. Screen use is thought to be detrimental to good sleep and has also been linked to acne, eczema and skin aging. Instead of scrolling through social media sites, switch off digital devices by 9 pm and treat your skin to a night-time facial with rejuvenating products such as Tevenere’s refining facial peel.  Follow with their vitamin C serum and rejuvenating night cream.


While it may be easier to take a warm shower,  a soak in a warm bath is a great way to unwind and wash your worries away. “Your skin releases endorphins in response to the soothing warm water the same way that endorphins are released when you feel the sun on your skin,” says Dr. Bobby Buka, a dermatologist based in New York. He explains that submerging ourselves in hot water can be both therapeutic and reinvigorating because blood flow increases to the skin.


Our caffeine habits can keep us awake and can have a detrimental effect on our skin. To sleep soundly, cut off your coffee consumption after 3pm as the caffeine effect can kick in several hours after your last cup and end up affecting your ability to get to sleep.  Make yourself a cup of calming tea such as Sleepytime Extra blend with valerian root. 

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