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Hemp Products are Good for the Environment!

Yes, it is legal to purchase, use, and travel with any hemp-derived product in all 50 states. 

In December 2018, President Trump signed into law the farm bill, which contained a provision legalizing hemp. Historically, hemp was illegal to sell or grow in the US, although it was legal to buy from international sources. The stroke of that pen unleashes a potential economic dynamo giving farmers and other cultivators a major opportunity with a new and friendly crop because hemp-based products range from foods, beverages, clothing and building materials to cosmetics and of course, skincare. 

Previously lumped into the Controlled Substances Act for nearly 50 years alongside heroin, LSD, and marijuana, industrial hemp’s mystifying designation as a drug of abuse had been absurd. The non-psychoactive relative of marijuana is defined by the federal government as containing not more than 0.3 percent THC, the high-inducing aspect of cannabis. The use of the hemp plant by humans for millennia has always been, and will always be, for purposes other than recreational drug use. 

One of the more well known and widely accepted uses for Hemp here in the United States is in skincare products.  Many notable green sensitive companies such as Tevenere Botanics have embraced the skin beneficial aspects of Hemp making it the flagship ingredient in their line of organic, natural, environmentally safe, cruelty-free skincare products.

Environmental Blessing

Hemp is good for the environment too because the hemp plant detoxifies the soil, prevents soil erosion, and it requires much less water to grow. Most importantly it’s a naturally pesticide resistant plant and so it is much more environmentally friendly than traditional crops. It cannot be overstated how beneficial this plant could be for U.S. farmers and our economy in the coming years. As the agricultural landscape of America evolves creating challenges for farmers ranging from flagging industries like tobacco and dairy  to climate change and the ongoing chinese tariff situation affecting soybeans, a more sustainable domestic crop is essential. Now that farmers can freely grow hemp on U.S. soil with all the protections available to traditional farming America can embrace this useful and multifaceted resource. 

Economic Booster

Another by-product of legal hemp will be tens of thousands of new jobs across multiple sectors in the very near future. Besides hiring workers in agriculture, processing, and manufacturing, this still-budding industry will spur job creation in every economic bracket. 

Travel Safe

One of the biggest upsides of using Hemp derived skincare products is that it is 100% safe and legal to travel with it. As long as your product has components derived from hemp, it’s perfectly legal to carry it across state lines and fly with it. This isn’t the case with CBD oil products because those are sometimes derived from marijuana-based plants and as we know marijuana and CBD are not legal for use in all states.  The “What Can I Bring” section on TSA’s website now reads ‘yes’ next to medical marijuana but with special instructions. The new update allows passengers to fly with medical marijuana and CBD products, but only if they’re derived from hemp and FDA approved.  Even though TSA is making exceptions, certain CBD products are still illegal under federal law, so it’s best not to risk it. Bring your Hemp-based skincare products in their original packaging that clearly lists the ingredients as being derived from Hemp Seed oil and you should have no problems at all.

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